Get to Know All about Wizkid; the Hit Maker

Get to Know All about Wizkid; the Hit Maker


How he begun

Wizkid was only eleven years old when he discovered his talent and started singing. Then it was in church, and then he was performed under the name Lil Prinz, that was way back in the year 2000.  Even then, it was pretty much clear that this young boy, whose real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, was greatly talented. But making it in the music industry is not easy especially when relying on talent only; it requires either lots of money or patience, at times both. How lucky wizkid was then when one of the most celebrated musicians, OJB Jezreel recognized his young talent and accepted to perform with him. This was the beginning of his success. At such an early age, Wizkid recorded a 7- track album that he then released in his church as Lil Prinz. This was to mark his grand entrance into the music industry.

The Birth of Wizkid

Six years later, wizkid was all grown up and ready to rebrand and to make it big in the Nigerian music industry and with his rebranding came the name Wizkid and lots of good luck. This was the year that his music career first came into the glare of publicity and he started getting the attention of and working with big names in the Nigerian music industry such as Naeto C and Ikechukwu. Since then he has had it all.

This Nigerian male artist was born on the 16th of July 1989 in Lagos, Nigeria and had a normal childhood just like any other African boy. Wizkid always knew he could sing better than his peers but never in his young mind did he ever dream that he would one day be a famous musician.


Life after 2006

After the rebranding in 2006 and the fame that came with it, Wizkid’s songs have been continuously played on the radio making his name a household name. This has not only made him known in Nigeria, but has also enabled him to have the chance to collaborate with some of Nigeria’s greatest and most known musicians. He especially says he got lots of attention due to his unique voice and style when he collaborated with MCS- MI Abaga, one of the best rappers that the country has in the song, ‘fast money fast cars’. In all this, Wizkid had not received the success he wanted, and was working for. In 2009 however, with the release of his song Holla at your boy, he got all the fame and more. It was a major breakthrough to his music career.


In the music industry

Wizkid is a man of many talents; he is not only a unique and talented singer but also a song writer and a performer. He does not only spend his time in the studio but likes venturing into other fields making his chosen career seem less monotonous. Wizkid has featured in many articles and TV commercials his first being turn by turn by Kel’s. This was later adopted as Barcelo’s radio jingle. More recently, he was recently featured in the Pepsi Co. advertisement, also featuring Tiwa Savage, a female artist in Nigeria who is considered to be the best.


In 2009, Wizkid signed a deal worth millions of naira with the Empire Mates Entertainment. Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) is a recording label that is owned by a multitalented artist, Bank W, who happens to be one of the best R&B singer, and also a producer and a manager. Clearly great things are happening for this young man. The same year, he was lucky to be internationally recognized and since then he has had many international stage performances and collaborations with artists such as Akon, Young Jeezy and Kardinal Official, among many others. With the release of his other songs, ‘Don’t dull,’ and ‘Tease Me’, Wizkid has become one of the most successful African artists and at such a young age. He has held concerts in Nigeria, UK and U.S.A.


Through his many performances, Wizkid has managed to bag lots of awards, the most memorable being the 2012 BET awards for the best African artist. He has also won awards in his home country, Nigeria, in South Africa, UK and in the U.S.A. In 2010 he won the Promising Artiste of the Year award.

Life outside music

Being a celebrity and keeping up with school work may at times prove to be difficult and as Wizkid can attest to, keeping a music career and going to school at the same time has proven to be impossible even to this talented boy. He therefore decided to put a halt to his education for the time being and continue with his music career. As he says, “I do not regret stopping school for a bit because it did give me all the time to push and work on m music.” According to this young man, music is his life and he sure is living his life to the fullest.

Listen and Enjoy Wizkid Hit Songs

  1. 2

    holla your boy

  2. 3

    Tease me

  3. 4

    Ori mi

  4. 5

    Slow Whine

  5. 6

    No lele

  6. 7

    Love my Baby

  7. 8

    Low Key

  8. 9

    Azonto (FreeStyle)

  9. 10

    Shout Out

  10. 11

    Sisi Nene

  11. 12

    Baddest boy

  12. 13

    Lets Get this Party Started

  13. 14

    Zombie (Freestyle)

  14. 15

    Calling you

  15. 16


  16. 17


  17. 18

    Turn on the lights

  18. 19

    Thank You

  19. 20

    Sexy Mama

  20. 21


  21. 22


  22. 23


  23. 24

    Love you baby

  24. 25

    Nobody but you

  25. 26

    On top your matter

  26. 27


  27. 28

    One Question