The Iconic PSquare

The Iconic PSquare


Early Life and the Discovery of Talent

Unlike most of the musicians in Nigeria, the music career of PSquare did not start very early in life in fact it was not until they joined high school that they realized they were greatly talented. Their career began at the St Murumba Secondary school in Jos Nigeria where they both joined their school music and drama clubs where they learnt to dance and sing.

Later on the twins, Peter and Paul Okoye formed an a cappella singing group with three other friends, M Clef also known as Itemoh, Michael and Melvin. The group came to be known as MMMPP after the initials of their first names. Apart from singing a cappella this group was also known for its break dance moves inspired by their idol, Michael Jackson. They later formed the group that came to be known as Smooth Criminals then dropped M Clef and changed the name of their group to MMPP. At this time most of their performances were in school functions and other local occasions and they came to be one of the most known a cappella groups in Jos.


Things Getting Serious

The love of music for these two young men (PSquare) did not just end with the success of their a cappella group in fact, that was just a stepping stone for them. In 1999 the two boys went back to music school to develop their singing skills and to learn how to play various musical instruments including the keyboard and drums. Their early work was used in the sound track in movies such as Tobi, Mama Sunday and Moment of Bitterness.

Some time that year the twins applied to join the University of Abuja studying Business Administration. Unlike most artists, they did not allow their growing fame and the hard work that they had to do to make their career a success get in the way of their education. Due to the dispersal to different universities, however, their a cappella group, The Smooth Criminals broke. This turned out to be a good thing for the twins as it was the time that they started out on their own and were able to achieve greater success than they ever had as a quartet and probably more than they would ever had gotten. Before settling on the name P Square the twins tried different names including Double P, P& P, and Da Pees.

Music Life


PSquare are managed by Bayo Odusami, a concert promoter that has seen lots of success in his days, he is also the C.E.O of Adrot Nigeria Limited and is also known as Howie T. They have been one of the most successful music groups in Nigeria and have had lots of their music heard internationally proving that they are not just musicians but artists. One of their albums, released in 2009 was reported to have sold over one million copies in just eight days after the release, showing just how celebrated their music is.

The album released in 2003, titled Last Nite was another great hit. This album was sold out fast than most other albums by different artists. Their great songs such Kolo and Yori Yori became known and loved by many all through Nigeria and around Africa. Another of their albums, ‘Get Squared,’ released in 2005 that was also a great success with millions of copies being sold.

The songs of PSquare can be heard all over the globe, this has given them the opportunity to sing with some of the most famous, most successful artists in the world such as Rick Ross with whom they sang Beautiful Onyinye, a song that was a great hit.

The talent of PSquare was first discovered in 2001 at a talent hunt sponsored by Benson and Hedges and was known as Grab the mic, here they won their first award. These two are not people who easily forget their inspiration and their reason for success so as a tribute to Michael Jackson they released the song ‘Personally’ a song that was such a great hit that it attracted the attention of Jermaine Jackson.

What makes PSquare music so loved and so phenomenal is that they do use a mixture of style in that they mix African and Western rhythms creating a mixture of R&B, hip hop and dance hall in their songs.


Family life

They were born to Mr and Mrs Okoye and had a complete family till the unfortunate and mysterious demise of their mother, Mrs. Josephine Okoye, who died after undergoing a heart surgery in India.
The marriage life of the twins (PSquare) has been of much interest to many people. Peter got married to his girlfriend (Titilola Omotayo) who he has been dating for a long time on November 17, 2013. Paul also got married to Anita Isama on March 22nd 2014 in Port Harcourt who he met in 2004.

Listen and enjoy PSquare hit songs

  1. 2

    More than a friend

  2. 3

    Am I still that special man

  3. 4


  4. 5

    Roll it

  5. 6

    Game Over

  6. 7

    Bizzy Body

  7. 8

    Omoge mi

  8. 9

    Do me

  9. 10

    No one like you

  10. 11


  11. 12


  12. 13

    Super Fans

  13. 14


  14. 15

    I love you

  15. 16

    I Like that

  16. 17

    E no Easy

  17. 18


  18. 19

    Bye Bye

  19. 20

    Break it

  20. 21

    Gimme That

  21. 22

    Bunie Ya Enu

  22. 23


  23. 24


  24. 25


  25. 26

    Ole Buruku

  26. 27

    Chop my Money

  27. 28


  28. 29

    Me and my brother

  29. 30

    Beautiful Onyinye

  30. 31


  31. 32

    Magical Healing

  32. 33


  33. 34

    Makossa Fiesta

  34. 35

    Taste the money testimony