The Life and Times of Flavour

The Life and Times of Flavour


Born in Enugu State in Nigeria on the 23rd of November in the year 1983, Chinedu Okolia is one of the most famous Nigerian singers mostly known for his ability to fluently sing in the Igbo language. This exceptional singer is signed to the 2nite Entertainment Music Label. Flavour N’abania is a recording artist, dancer, songwriter and performer.

Beginning of the music career

Flavour began his music career as a young boy aged 13. He started out by playing drums in his church’s choir. His pastor then introduced him to the C.E.O of SoundCity Communication who had just started the music company and was interested in training young children who had interest and talent in music. Flavour joined the music school provided by the company in the year 1996 and on a scholarship. Here he learnt how to play the drum professionally and three years later decided to try out the keyboard, while providing backup vocals for musicians signed up with SoundCity.


Flavour first got into the musical scene at the age of 19 as a drummer and a pianist for some of the bands in his home town. His first performance before a large crowd was at the City Center at Enugu, this inspired him to reach for greatness. Since he had studied music for sometime he did not have a very big problem while starting out. He produced his first debut album which he named N’bania in the year 2995 through Obanio music. This album was not much of a success and was mostly purchased and listened to in his home state, Enugu. He produced his next album, Uplifted, an album which he believed would sell better than his other album. And true to his belief, this album was a huge success, even selling internationally. This was mostly because of the songs Nwa Babby, Adamma and Oyi Remix, songs that were listened to all over Africa. In 2012 he released another album, Blessed, an album believed to be his biggest.

School life

Being a very determined man and a lover of music, Flavour was lucky to win a scholarship to study music at the University of Nigeria. His mother however did not like this idea at all and trued her best to persuade him to take a more professional path. When SoundCity moved to Port Harcourt, things became even more difficult for him, he finally had to stop his scholarship because his mother would not let him move to Port Harcourt.

Flavor decided to try out other things in 2004, he was admitted into campus to study Business Administration, and while still in school started up a live solo performance at Bubbles Plaza, it was at this Plaza that he got the name Flavour. From the Bubble Plaza, he was invited to perform for a bigger audience at City Center; this was the beginning of his popularity.

Personal life

The personal life of Flavour is mostly centered on his music especially after his mother eventually let him become an artist. He is the first born in a family of 5.

Listen and enjoy Flavour hit songs

  1. 2

    My woman is gone

  2. 3

    Nwa Baby

  3. 4


  4. 5

    Oyi (I dey Catch Cold)

  5. 6

    Ashawo (Remix)

  6. 7

    Edward Nsai

  7. 8


  8. 9

    Baby Oku

  9. 10

    I don’t Care

  10. 11


  11. 12

    Ada Ada

  12. 13


  13. 14

    Sweet like Shuga

  14. 15

    I am for real

  15. 16