All you need to Know about DBanj

All you need to Know about DBanj


DBanj was born on the 9th of June in 1980 in the Northern parts of Nigeria in the city of Zaria in Kaduna state as Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo. His father was famous even then in their community being an artillery Officer and a mother who was a dignitary in the church. DBanj father’s job made him travel a lot all through Nigeria and also in India where they stayed for about one and a half years, and England, enabling him to have a taste of different kinds of cultures and to be more exposed. At the tender age of 11, DBanj father took him to military school with the vision that his son should join the army just like him but this was not the path that fate had set out for him. At the age of fourteen, DBanj elder brother, the late Femi Oyebanjo, introduced DBanj to music for the first time. He taught DBanj how to play the harmonica, the first musical instrument he ever knew how to play.


At fourteen, DBanj stopped attending the Nigerian Military School and joined a different school, owned by the institution of the Nigerian Navy Secondary school where he did his secondary education. That was only a year before the tragic plane accident that claimed the lives of two members of his family. DBanj later on attended the Lagos State University where he studied Mechanical Engineering.

Music career

As stated earlier, DBanj first started his learning music from the lessons his brother gave him in playing the harmonica. He adopted his stage name from a combination of his first and last names respectively. DBanj had a very hard time getting into music due to the desire and the dream that his late father had for him, to join the Nigerian Infantry but he was ready to do everything that it takes to chase his dreams. It seemed the harder DBanj parents tried to persuade him not to follow his dreams the more determined he got thus the song ‘All Da Way (Airbourne)’ that talks about the struggles he had to go through in convincing his parents to allow him to follow his chosen path. When DBanj father and brother passed on in a plane crash as they were travelling from the Nigerian Military School, DBanj life and dreams seemed to have been shuttered. It seemed that life had come to a standstill but with time D’ Banj managed to get over the pain and to concentrate on his career.

DBanj mentor, Fella- Anikulapo Kuti played a great role in ensuring that his music career ‘got wings’. Ever since he seriously started out as an artist, nothing has been able to bring him down or stop him. He has a unique style of music and of performance introducing Afro beats, explicit styles and at times just being plain hilarious. This has made him known since not many musicians can mix all that in their songs.

DBanj and Don Jazzy

DBanj songs were at first written by Don Jazzy till he got detached Mo’ hit notes. DBanj however only got really interested in music after visiting the U.K and meeting renown bands such as JJC AND 419 Squad. After that DBanj worked harder and was more determined to have his big break through into the Nigerian music industry. With his first album, No Long Things, released in the year 2005, DBanj had his breakthrough and things have never been the same for him ever since. Since then he has been able to release four other albums all of which have been great hits.

Some of the best hits ever sang by DBanj include Fall in Love, Run Down and Mr. Endowed, a remix that he did with the famous American rapper Snoop Dog. As great and well known as DBanj is, he has been able to be marked to the Good melodies mark that is owned by Kanye West another great American rapper.

Awards achieved

Dbanj and MTV

By now we must all agree that the easiest way to know if a person is a great musician is to look at the number of awards he has received. DBanj has received lots of awards, probably more than most of the famous musicians have received. He has received awards such as 2011 Wager Accolade as the best African artist.

Personal life

DBanj and genevieve

The personal life of DBanj is known to be filled with lots and lots of girl drama. For a long time, DBanj was thought to be going out with the Nollywood star, and darling, Genevieve Nnaji. In fact the two were rumored to be in a serious relationship that would probably lead into marriage but this was not to be the case. After a long on and off relationship, the two decided to officially break things up and DBanj interest quickly shifted to Nadia Buhari, another Nollywood star and also a darling to many Nollywood lovers, and as if this is not enough his illuminati saga suddenly comes up, but not even this is enough to keep the rising star from going places.

Listen and Enjoy Dbanj Hit Songs

  1. 2

    if you get craze

  2. 3


  3. 4

    put your hands up

  4. 5


  5. 6

    Olorun Maje

  6. 7

    No Long Thing

  7. 8

    Move your body

  8. 9


  9. 10


  10. 11


  11. 12

    Gbona Fele Fele

  12. 13

    Fall in Love

  13. 14


  14. 15

    Close to you

  15. 16


  16. 17

    Booty Call

  17. 18


  18. 19

    Mr Endowed

  19. 20

    Scape Goat

  20. 21

    Mr Endowed (Remix)_Snoop Dog

  21. 22


  22. 23


  23. 24


  24. 25

    Top of the world

  25. 26

    No more

  26. 27

    money on my mind

  27. 28

    Nous Les Meilleurs (We the best)

  28. 29

    Don’t tell me Nonsense

  29. 30

    Why you love me

  30. 31

    Ibadi E

  31. 32

    Scape Goat (Remix)

  32. 33

    Blame it on the money

  33. 34


  34. 35


  35. 36


  36. 37

    Cocoa Na chocolate

  37. 38

    Oya wait