Power of a Woman, the Story of Tiwa Savage

Power of a Woman, the Story of Tiwa Savage




Being born a woman in an African country is not always a good thing, at least in the 80’s it wasn’t, you have lesser opportunities than the men do and not as many people believe in you but these have not deterred Tiwa Savage in any way from dreaming big and leaving his dream. Born on 5th February 1980, in Lagos Nigeria, as Tiwatope Savage, she was always bound for greatness. She spent most of her childhood days in the U.K and U.S.A giving her a greater opportunity of learning of the world’s rich cultures thus she was able to write a wide base of music.


At Sixteen, Tiwa Savage was lucky to be accepted as a background singer for the George Michael but even before then she was in her high school band playing the trombone. Being a background singer for Mr. Michael gave her a taste of what life would really be as a singer and to be in the spotlight. From there he did vocals for a number of the world’s top musicians such as Mary J Blige, Chaka Khan, Andreas Bocelli, The Spice Girls and even Kelly Clarkson.

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage went to college at the University of Kent where she did a bachelor’s degree in business administration and after graduating decided to go back to music. The call to sing back up for Mary J Blige almost immediately came as a surprise but it acted as a wakeup call that enabled her to realize that she could do better in the spotlight and decided to focus on her career thus settling in Berklee College of Music.

Having studied Business Administration Tiwa Savage has an advantage in that she can successfully run her music career as a business. She therefore found it easier to major in professional music, songwriting and music production at Berklee. Wanting to take her music career beyond the boundaries of Africa, Tiwa Savage participated in the X Factor making it to the top 24.

In 2011, Tiwa Savage released her debut album which as anticipated turned out to be a great success. An album that featured some renowned artists. Not wanting to forget her background, the album has some songs in Yoruba while the rest in English.

Family life

Tiwa Savage



At eleven, Tiwa Savage moved with her family to London. The move she says has helped her become more knowledgeable of the world and of the lives of people in different positions. This has made her more empathetic and she is now involved in charity work all over Africa, wanting to make the lives of the poor Africans better. Then came her song Kele Kele Love, and with it lots of fame all over Africa.

Tiwa Savage has worn a number of awards all in her career making her one of the best female artists in Nigeria. These include a city of people entertainment award for ‘female musician of the year which she won in 2011 and Best R&B Soul Song, thanks to her single, Kele Kele Love.

Listen and enjoy Tiwa Savage Hit Songs

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    Kele kele love

  2. 3

    Ife Wa Gbona

  3. 4

    Love Me Love Me Love Me

  4. 5

    Oyi (Remix)

  5. 6


  6. 7

    Baby Mo

  7. 8

    His Voice

  8. 9


  9. 10

    Shout Out

  10. 11

    Stand as one

  11. 12

    Love in Yellow