The Rise and Rise of Iyanya

The Rise and Rise of Iyanya


Iyanya is a proof of pure talent than can be found in Africa. He was born on the 31st of October 1986 in Cross River State and unlike a number of his age mates who are still struggling with employment and wishing they could have better luck in getting rich, Iyanya has crossed that bridge. From a young age great things have been happening to him and his good luck is not about to stop anytime soon. He is among the five children that his parents were blessed with and is fully known as Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk. He has achieved great things, managing to work hard at his studies and therefore graduating with honors in Bachelors of Business Management a course he took at the University of Calabar. But business has never been his favorite course, neither is it his chosen career, from an early age Iyanya was bound to be a musician and he has lived to fulfill that dream. His study of business management was not however all in vain, Iyanya is a cofounder of the record label, Made Men Music group and through this record label he has managed to share his music with the rest of the world.


Early Beginning

Iyanya begun singing at an early age and this enabled him to have a lot of experience by the time he decided to venture out on his own. When still a young boy, Iyanya joined the children’s choir in his church and therefore was able to perform in church and weddings. This enabled him not only to master the basics of music but also the courage he needed to perform in front of large crowds. Later on he was offered the chance to perform at the Channel View Hotel in Calabar on a regular basis. This gave him the chance to meet prospective fans and with time to create a fan base.

Taking music as a profession

In the year 2005, Iyanya decided that he was ready to venture out on his own and he started singing professionally. Just like any other starting artist Iyanya’s journey to fame was not easy, he had to face a few struggles before he finally stabilized in his career. Winning the MTN West Africa Project Fame in December 2008, was the leap he needed to get his career skyrocketing. This paid off as he got a 16 state tour in Nigeria sponsored by MTN. What made him even more successful after the reality show was the fact that he displayed a great level of excellence in vocal skill in his performances.


In September 2009, he got the opportunity to perform at the New York Fashion Week, and shortly afterwards he released his first album, ‘My Story’, an album that became famous within a short time in Nigeria. With the release of other songs in 2012, Iyanya became a household name in almost all the West African countries. The best song he ever released can be said to be ‘Kukere’, a dance song that has been played all over Africa. It was in 2013 that he released his second song ‘Iyanya v Desire’. Iyanya is now the brand ambassador for MTN.

Listen and Enjoy Iyanya Hit Songs

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    Your waist

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    Kukere Remix

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    Sexy Mama

  8. 9

    Head Swell

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    Chineke is Involved

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    In my room

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    She can get it

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