Tytanium (Magbedu Hype)

Tytanium (Magbedu Hype)

Tytanium (Magbedu Hype)

Give us a brief background of yourself and how you came up in the music industry ? 

My name is  Weyinmi Eresanara, and Street name Tytanium. A native of Warri, Delta State. i got interested in rap after listening to Eminem’s Mockingbird and MI’s Safe. At that point I knew I wanted to connect words cleverly and just rap

When did you start rapping? And when did you decide to go professional?

Started rapping and constructing my own verses in 2011 but I always loved to rap along to songs I liked from way back. I decided to go pro when a couple of people heard me rap and said they would like to hear more that I had to say

Tytanium (Magbedu Hype)

What are you doing differently that will make you successful in the music industry?

Honestly just doing me goes a long way. I seek to make good music. So I won’t let a particular genre or peoples expectation of it hinder what I’m doing. Creativity is key

In the Nigerian music industry, how does it feel to be a songwriter?

I don’t think a lot of people bother to write! it works for them. Granted there isn’t much content but as a songwriter i can make a conscious effort to pass a message

How do you think you will deal with fame and spotlight?

it’s important to stay grounded, the fame and spotlight can die in the blink of an eye. it’s important to hold there the relationships and values that were in place before the music began.

What do you think about your comparisons with other artistes? 

I think I’m doing great but I’m at a certain part of my journey that I can’t compare to others. When the fame comes we can let the fans do the comparisons

Which producers are you working with currently?

I am currently working with KNO and F-Major. They are probably the most musically gifted people I personally know and I think yall would agree when more music drops.

Tytanium (Magbedu Hype)

 What’s your greatest achievement career wise ?

That would probably be when a girl fan did an entire verse I had made on one of the first songs i recorded. It was humbling and a magnificent moment.

Do you think you have a good singing voice and how did you find out that you had a good singing voice?

I have a good enough singing voice and i would experiment in the studio with it but i honestly rather stick to Rap and let the actual singers sing

As an up and coming rapper/music artist, how do you access the situation of hiphop in Nigeria against other more popular genres? What hardships do rappers face while coming up, using yourself as an example?

Is Nigeria ready for hip hop? Honestly I don’t know! We are in a generation that prefers to dance rather than listen! I could make up a word and repeat it 500 times on a 3 minute track and still have a better chance of being famous and getting shows than if i wrote something conscious in a minute and a half track. Its life but I’m here to open people’s eyes! When they are ready to see I want to be the light that they can fix their gaze on!

When should we expect an album? 

Yeah soon. I am currently working to complete it. can’t give  a certain date but yeah I will be dropping my album soon.

Listen and download Tytanium new single “Slow Mo”

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